Luckenwalde - a city with brains

"Hats off!" is the response of Luckenwalde's visitors to the MARKERS spread throughout the city. "Here we can find out about the entire history of the city from the interesting and well-organised descriptions. But why do they always show a hat? Sometimes with a kind of pin, sometimes without?"

People from Luckenwalde are less puzzled by this because they know what it's all about: Luckenwalde used to be a city of hats with many hat factories. Around 1925, some 3,500 employees produced all kinds of desirable headgear from wool and hair. The dye works of the most famous hat factory, which dominated the four factory halls, even looked like an oversized hat. An expressionist building had been built there to accommodate a new and modern ventilation system for discharging fumes. It resembled a Gothic church vault and, as a result, became known as the "Kathedrale der Arbeit" ("cathedral of work") - a noteworthy reference to the rapidly developing industrial age.