The self-assured city of the Lausitz

The bilingual Lausitz city of Cottbus is a worthwhile destination. The historic centre with its baroque buildings and the late art nouveau theatre give the visitor a small taste of the city's 850-year history.

Thanks to the high quality cultural activities and excellent hotel and restaurant facilities, a visit to Cottbus is an unforgettable experience. Cottbus is one of Germany's greenest cities. Extensive parks, avenues and promenades create a green band along the river Spree. The splendid park arena includes the Spreeauenpark, Branitz park, which was designed by Prince Pückler, and a zoo. Few visitors fail to succumb to the fascination of the Branitz park and its earth pyramids which are unique in Europe. Old and new can be found side by side here, interacting in a most fascinating and attractive way.