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Modern architecture, and particularly its aspirations to create new and better living conditions, is not just restricted to the large cities. Sometimes it also leaves its traces in places undisturbed by aspects of complex city planning. Here there was a view that forward-looking architectural approaches can coalesce with reformist ideas about housing, working, and living.

An example of modern architectural culture is the “Freilandsiedlung Gildenhall“ [i. e. outdoor settlement of Gildenhall], whose name commemorates an association of tradesmen, well-known since the Middle Ages. Since 1921, craftsmen, artists, and architects from different social backgrounds have been working together here, attempting to combine the principles of the “Werkbund“ [i. e. working Federation of Architects, Artists, and Builders] and those of the Bauhaus with the reformist ideals of living and working. Their traces are still visible today and offer you a charming stroll around the Ruppiner lake.

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